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  • Free Video Content for Infrared Inspection Websites
    Infraspection Institute is pleased to announce the availability of free video content for thermography websites.
  • Do You Have the Correct Time?
    Most modern thermal imagers have the ability to record time and date along with thermal images. Taking a moment to ensure that the correct time and date are displayed on your imager before you begin your inspection can help to avoid wasted time and […]
  • Drones Support Safer Inspections
    Many types of industrial inspections have the potential to put workers in risky situations, i.e., needing to work from height or being exposed to dangerous materials or substances.
  • United Infrared Announces Passing of Rob Miller
    On last Thursday, our beloved and respected Rob Miller passed away from natural causes while working at a job site in Massachusetts.
  • From the Top Down
    From the top down describes an approach for managing companies. It may also describe an effective way to perform infrared inspections. During the performance of infrared inspections of electro/mechanical equipment in high-rise facilities, […]

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