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  • Infraspection Institute Master Thermographer Seal Now a Registered Trademark
    The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded Infraspection Institute registration for its mark and designation, ‘Infraspection Institute Master Thermographer’. 
  • Cold Weather Clothing
    Cold weather clothing is a matter of functionality not fashion. Clothing needs to be worn in layers in order to trap air which is warmed by the body. When selecting clothing, start with the innermost layer and work outward. The use of multiple […]
  • A Thermographer’s Magic Marker
    An age-old challenge for thermographers is the ability to annotate or mark objects to make them easier to identify in recorded imagery. One possible solution is to mark targets with an ink pen with low emittance ink.
  • Nine Steps to Setting Up an Infrared Inspection Program
    Infrared inspections are now a matter of routine for many commercial and industrial facilities. By proactively addressing incipient or latent failures detected during a single inspection, facility managers are able to avoid costs associated with […]
  • Focus, Focus, Focus
    Proper image focus is still one of the most important aspects of performing an infrared inspection. A clear image not only allows for optimal problem diagnosis, but it is also critical to accurate temperature measurement.

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