Infrared Surveys for Petrochemical Facilities

How are Infrared Surveys for petrochemical facilities different?

In addition to Infrared Surveys for electrical, mechanical and structural applications, petrochemical facilities have a number of speciality applications not found in other industries. These include, but are not limited to, Infrared Surveys of the interior components of operating process heaters and furnaces for both qualitative and quantitative measurements.

In order to perform infrared petrochemical survey inspections accurately, imaging radiometers outfitted with flame and high temperature filters and telephoto optics are required along with an experienced thermographer who understands the special and extreme conditions associated with operating units.

Performed regularly, infrared inspections can help identify latent or incipient equipment failures,  Such information can help to prevent unscheduled downtime, and improve the output of process equipment without compromising safety.

Our Infrared Surveys are performed by Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographers® using high resolution infrared imaging radiometers. This equipment detects infrared energy emitted from an object and converts it into an image which is displayed on a monitor screen.

When an area or component with an unusual temperature differential is located, our thermal imager is used to measure the temperature of the problem area. The thermal image may then be recorded on video or computer media in black and white and/or color.

Once the temperature and location of the problem area has been noted, a hardcopy record of the thermal image is produced. These Thermograms, along with a standard photograph and our problem definition, provide you with the necessary information to correct a problem before it becomes serious.