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Educational Programs for Your Facility

Jersey Infrared Consultants are pleased to offer educational programs for your facility, staff, or organization. These information-based programs are presented by Level III Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographers® and are designed for all levels and trades, including maintenance staff, upper management, project managers, engineers, and architects.

Seminars range from general Overview of Infrared Thermography to specific application programs. [Read more…]

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School is Back!

Labor Day is the end of the Summer and the beginning of the new school year.  Please remember to watch for school buses, as well as additional pedestrian traffic.

School Buses are Back!

Labor Day brings the Summer to an end and starts the new school year.  Please remember that as schools open, there will be school buses on the road, as well as more pedestrian traffic

Infrared Thermography Goes Underground

Moving more than 5 million people over almost 850 miles of track each day is a challenging proposition for one of America’s largest subway systems. Reliability and safety are top priorities for this system, which operates 24/7/365. [Read more…]

Infrared Surveys of Single-Ply Roofs

We are frequently asked if an Infrared Survey can be performed on a roof with a single-ply or reflective membrane.  The answer is “YES, IF…” the survey is performed under the acceptable conditions with the correct imager.

The way to deal with the reflectivity of smooth roof membranes is to utilize a thermal imager with short wave (2 to 5.6 micron) spectral response. This will help to eliminate reflections from the roof and can increase inspection accuracy.

Visit our Case Studies From the Field article or contact us to discuss your specific concerns.

Article Recently Published in Professional Magazine

Maintenance Technology, the premier publication relating to equipment reliability and asset management, serves the technical and business information needs of engineers, managers, and technicians responsible for plant equipment availability.  The publication is known for providing accurate, state-of-the-art technical articles from industry leaders. [Read more…]

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Standards vs. Scope of Work for Infrared Surveys

A Standard may be defined as a criterion set of practices. There are a number of standards and specifications published for infrared thermography. Current standards and specifications that apply to infrared thermography are published by ASNT, ASTM, NETA, NFPA, and Infraspection Institute.  These standards cover certification of personnel, operation of equipment, safety, and inspections of electrical, mechanical, and structural systems. [Read more…]